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Videos Online

After a while of wondering "Should I?" or "Shouldn't I?" and viewing a load of videos on it these last few days. I have finally decided to begin uploading and 'broadcasting' my films online. To see my profile and the currently uploaded films, please go here: http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=baltomike

Included so far are a few films you may not have seen before such as 'Inside' my attempt at making a scary film, at home with my sister in October 2005, edited 2006. There is also my Woburn Safari Park video, which I cannot remember if I did post a link to or not and filming at Maidenhead Carnival in June 2005. Hope over there, drop some comments and enjoy yourselves!

*Continues to upload more videos* Hope to also add some 'Behind the Scenes' stuff such as uncut interviews, original stock footage and outtakes.

Ready for Fun

I am looking forward to visitng Thorpe Park tomorrow, I am suddenly looking forward to making myself feel dizzy and unwell on white knuckle rollercoasters, maybe I just enjoy the fun atmosphere...however, since it is going to be a very hot and clear day tomorrow, no doubt such places will be on everyone's 'To Do' lists. Well, we can just soak ourselves on Tidal Wave...however how long will we be roasting in queues for?

Also, me and rainbow_lupus may try to give you a taste of the excitement, our dad's phone can do video and bluetooth, we may try to make some short videos of the rollercoasters speeding past and maybe ourselves queuing. Plus, like usual I will have lots of photographs!

Then after a possibly tiring day, I have TBL chat to look forward too and I am hoping to get some music from beomech and john_pullinger. Also got to keep myself from being the meal of silver_huskey!
I was fishing about for Star Wars videos, when I found this:


Wheels, Pipers, Trains and Photos!

Today has been an excellent day, we went by train to York via Doncaster. While we were waiting at Doncaster a steam train came through, quite unexpected but a welcomed surprise. When we got to York we left the station and went into a small York Model Railway exhibition, the model railway that they had created had taken them 22 years to build! But what a model railway that was, any kid would kill for that train set.

After looking around the Model Railway, we walked across the river into the city and ate lunch at Pizza Express. Then we walked into the Museum gardens and the grounds of St. Mary’s Abbey, there they were having a festival of Town Pipers when we were watching/listening it was the King’s Lynn Pipers. The instruments were very interesting and produced quite an impressive sound. After walking around the gardens and abbey grounds, we headed towards the Minster and decided to walk along the city walls. We got some good views of the Minster and also the wall ran alongside part of the University I am going to in September, quite weird to walk past it now and know that I would be living in the city in less than 3 months time. However as my granddad said, “I was happy you got into York because you like historic cities like this.”

It was true to some extent and I enjoyed wandering along part of the city walls, something I had wanted to do since we first visited the city about 3 years ago. Afterwards we walked back towards the station, but stopped at the National Railway Museum to ride on the Yorkshire Wheel, which had been put up. It went around quite fast and we got to go around 5 times, which was excellent!

Afterwards we headed back to York station and took the train back to Doncaster and changed to get back to where our car was parked at Meadowhall. We got in just in time to watch the finale of Doctor Who, which I cannot speak about due to spoiling it for a certain tyger…

Plus photos are here!
York PhotographsCollapse )
Now it’s TBL Chat time, yay!

I-Pod Fixed!

Well, I have returned to the Apple Store and they have replaced my I-Pod! They have given me a brand new one, and apparantly the warranty was still on it which was good. Now I can see why registering it when you get it is handy, they could look up my name and view my I-Pod's details and model number. I now have a new one, which I re-register this evening, I also get the chance to re-arrange my I-Pod's music.

So now I am going to probably head down to Piccadilly Circus and grab some dinner before heading back to London Paddington. I should be online tonight, so if anyone is available, drop in!

The Official Last Day of College

Well today was the last day of college, and because I am busy/tired/lazy at the moment I will do it primarily tell it through photos.

- Myself enjoying the party on Windsor Campus.

More picturesCollapse )

I've had a really nice end to the last two years of college, if this is a taste of what University might be like...I can't wait!

Getting There

Well, I am making my way through the work, done 4 or 5 assignments now, there's 1 major one left and few little bits and bobs which need printing/correcting, should hopefully have all handed in by 16:00 this afternoon!

College Rush

My new icon says it all...it's crazy time at the college, some students on the course are obviously not going to pass, they haven't even finished their films yet!
As for me, the madness is trying to edit together a promotional film for the A-level departments at College and also typing the final few outstanding assignments from college.

I came in to edit some of the film today, however the room was full with 1st year students working on the computers, so I literally came in for nothing. *Shrugs* Ah well, I went to the Youth Centre and have been hanging out with white_kiba.

Now I am going to head home, try to finish some work and then watch a film or play a game.

Quiz Night!

Today/Tonight has been fun. This morning I was in college filming and capturing footage, some footage captured was for my College Promotional video and the rest I put on a DVD-ROM which was my Fox footage I filmed last October.

Quiz night was lots and lots of fun! There were 6 people per team and 9 teams in total. We came up with all sorts of different names to call our team including:
The Druids
The Bluffers
The Underdogs
Kate's Angels
The Winners

We eventually went with one a bit longer and unusual, several members of the team liked dogs and another member of the team who was older said they had a technical name for 'Cavemen' and so we decided to call ourselves 'Dogboy and the Trogledytes'. We weren't the only ones coming up with funny names, other teams had names like 'Maxiunium Velocity Deckchairs', 'Willy Wonka's Wacky and Wonderful Wonkas' and 'Stardust'.
We had 5 rounds which included general knowledge questions, London Underground Station names, TV Themes and my favourite round 'Name 15 famous TV, Film or Cartoon Dogs'. When that sheet came around and all the different teams were coming up with answers, here's what our group put together...

15 Famous TV, Film or Cartoon DogsCollapse )

When they 'listed' the famous dogs, there were about 50 in total on a list, and some of the ones on the list included Gromit, Lassie, Santa's Little Helper, Scooby Doo and Rin Tin Tin. However the list did not include Snoopy, Balto *Gasp*, Doogle or Spot.

By the end of 2 we were in 2nd Place, but after Round 4 we were in 5th place, and then in the final score after round 5 we managed to get 4th Place. We were happy since we were in the top half of the table. I think we got 79 points in total.

Then we had a raffle, but I didn't win anything, Kate did though and one guy won three items in the raffle!

So yes, it was a fun evening, now here are the photos!

Quiz PhotosCollapse )

Last night I was dreaming of Wolves and of some of my friends in The Balto League, it made a welcome change to the dull nothing I had been dreaming of recently. Now I am going to go sleep once again and hopefully dream more nice dreams! *Yawns and curls up*

Preparing for the Weekend

Well I got some 'Infomation Trails' created for my paperwork and I need to finish my FourDocs Assignment when I get back to College next week. In fact, next week might turn out to be a whole week at college for me...again. Because the college wants me to make another film for them! Meaning another paycheck...alright! Plus the EMA July bonus would probably give me quite a bit of savings for the summer, then topped by any possible job I decided to get.

I have also continued my evil research by researching the effects of Force Lightning upon one's enermies, apparently it can cause scarring, burns, numbness and death...hmmm...*Flexes paws, excited*

"No...No, you will die!" -Palpatine

Hehehehe, anyway now my weekend is beginning I am looking forward to beginning work on a very quick and short documentary about foxes, which will only last about 3 minutes or less. I have got some footage of a male fox that I filmed one evening in my aunt's garden. I also have a short clip of urban foxes from David Attenborough's 'The Life of Mammals' and because I am tired of narrating all my programmes, I have asked my good friend john_pullinger to narrate instead.

So there is now 2 weeks left until the end of college, then there is a uncertain summer and the prospect of a complete lifestyle change as I enter University...oooh exciting!