Mikepaws (balto_mike) wrote,

Video progress

Well, seeing the number of views on my videos at YouTube.com slowly rising over the last few days and getting several comments from people (some really into wolves too). I feel I should upload some more films sometime soon. I hope to upload some unreleased footage that I have from the UK Wolf Centre, I have all the orignal 2 hours of footage and of course...less than 10 minutes of footage was actually used. So I am going to find some of the funny bits, the interesting bits and the cute bits and just cut together a video with some of the better unseen footage. Plus I want to make some more trailers/montages at somepoint. The problem I have is that everything I am doing at the moment has to be done on the laptop. I am typing the book, wanting to edit (which takes at least two hours)and my Mum isn't too pleased at what seems to be me sitting on the computer all day, even though I may be doing two or three different things, and it's not like I am just sitting playing games either.

So I've been trying to steer away from laptop and do other things from time to time, strangely I was watching a film on the TV the other day and she walked past and said, "Well, at least you aren't sitting on that computer."

All I have to do is find a balance at the moment, which is hard when I am the type of person who once he has an idea, wants it to become reality as quickly as possible.
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