April 3rd, 2010

Mike, Relaxed

kai_wulf's Visit Plans

Early this morning I recieved the exciting news that my wonderful Wuffy has aqquired his flight tickets from Atlanta to London. I can't wait! Now there's no more fears of it not going ahead, I can lay out some dates and ask you, my friends, when you are free as we would like to visit various parts of the country, I certainly want to show Kai as much as I can.

Some events we want to go too are fixed such as ConFuzzled and Trooping the Colour. Others are not but I want try and make the most of the time he is staying. We may be possibly hiring a car for some days out as well, otherwise knowing in advance is great to book cheaper train fares.

Ideas that Kai & I have discussed include:
-Visiting Scotland (Caingorms) or Wales (Snowdonia), one of them
-Touring London, day-trips or hopefully a few days together crashing with local friends
-Castles, Kai wants to see as many varations as he can!
-Local sites such as Stonehenge, Bristol and Bath
-Photo days at some Zoos or Safari Parks, friends welcome to join in
-Day-trip to a Theme Park (Thorpe Park or Alton Towers?) Would love go with other friends
-Equine Events interest Kai, I may recommend going to a day at the Royal Windsor Horse Show
-Coastal Towns/Boat Trip, Kai loves the sea, so got to spend some time about it
-Furmeets, we may turn up to one or two if we're around
-Various cities, and seeing local friends in those areas

Another event that Kai is very keen to do is a spending some days in France, probably Paris. timduru would you be happy to accomodate us perhaps at sometime? Certainly discuss the idea further online in the near future.

Kai arrives on 28th April, he will depart on the 7th July.
Please comment/e-mail/text or call me, hoping to start drawing the plans up this month, thanks everybody!

My dearest, I cannot wait to have you here to feel your snuggles and kisses in-person. I love you, Kai! <3


Also wish you all a Happy Easter, if you have chocolate eggs...lucky! I need to buy myself one. XD