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Here is begins...

I am currently writing the basic, first draft of the narration and therefore the basic bones of the furry documentary. I am quite excited as I am finally starting the process which will now drive me on to produce, edit and finish the film.

At this early stage so I get there before I reach editing I would like to ask if there is anyone or anyfur who would like to compose some original background music for the documentary? I would listen to some basic composition ideas before selecting and commissioning that composer, you will also be paid for your service.

I hope to have this narration ready soon, which is where the basis of the film lies. Of course narration looks very boring on paper, but when edited with all the interviews and footage, it should prove to be an entertaining and insightful film I hope.

I'd like as many UK furs to get involved so you can express what furry means to you and what you like about it! Sorry but you won't be paid, but you can get your face, fursuit/artwork and name on the film.