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kai_wulf's Visit Plans

Early this morning I recieved the exciting news that my wonderful Wuffy has aqquired his flight tickets from Atlanta to London. I can't wait! Now there's no more fears of it not going ahead, I can lay out some dates and ask you, my friends, when you are free as we would like to visit various parts of the country, I certainly want to show Kai as much as I can.

Some events we want to go too are fixed such as ConFuzzled and Trooping the Colour. Others are not but I want try and make the most of the time he is staying. We may be possibly hiring a car for some days out as well, otherwise knowing in advance is great to book cheaper train fares.

Ideas that Kai & I have discussed include:
-Visiting Scotland (Caingorms) or Wales (Snowdonia), one of them
-Touring London, day-trips or hopefully a few days together crashing with local friends
-Castles, Kai wants to see as many varations as he can!
-Local sites such as Stonehenge, Bristol and Bath
-Photo days at some Zoos or Safari Parks, friends welcome to join in
-Day-trip to a Theme Park (Thorpe Park or Alton Towers?) Would love go with other friends
-Equine Events interest Kai, I may recommend going to a day at the Royal Windsor Horse Show
-Coastal Towns/Boat Trip, Kai loves the sea, so got to spend some time about it
-Furmeets, we may turn up to one or two if we're around
-Various cities, and seeing local friends in those areas

Another event that Kai is very keen to do is a spending some days in France, probably Paris. timduru would you be happy to accomodate us perhaps at sometime? Certainly discuss the idea further online in the near future.

Kai arrives on 28th April, he will depart on the 7th July.
Please comment/e-mail/text or call me, hoping to start drawing the plans up this month, thanks everybody!

My dearest, I cannot wait to have you here to feel your snuggles and kisses in-person. I love you, Kai! <3


Also wish you all a Happy Easter, if you have chocolate eggs...lucky! I need to buy myself one. XD
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Here is begins...

I am currently writing the basic, first draft of the narration and therefore the basic bones of the furry documentary. I am quite excited as I am finally starting the process which will now drive me on to produce, edit and finish the film.

At this early stage so I get there before I reach editing I would like to ask if there is anyone or anyfur who would like to compose some original background music for the documentary? I would listen to some basic composition ideas before selecting and commissioning that composer, you will also be paid for your service.

I hope to have this narration ready soon, which is where the basis of the film lies. Of course narration looks very boring on paper, but when edited with all the interviews and footage, it should prove to be an entertaining and insightful film I hope.

I'd like as many UK furs to get involved so you can express what furry means to you and what you like about it! Sorry but you won't be paid, but you can get your face, fursuit/artwork and name on the film.
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Wide Awake

Why on Earth can't I get to sleep tonight?

*Puts more music on and tries to clear his mind*

EDIT: Two hours passed, still not asleep! What the hell is wrong?
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L is the Letter!

Well, snowwolfmystic has given me the letter L in the song meme. My secret weapon is to just look in my I-Pod to find the songs....muahahaha!

So songs I have starting with L...well there's:
'Launch' by Trevor Rabin from Armageddon
'Lothlerian' by Howard Shore from LOTR: The Fellowship of the Ring
'Life Is' by Runrig
'Ludlow's Demise' by John Williams from The Lost World: Jurassic Park
'Love will find a way' from The Lion King 2
'Lucy Meets Mr. Tumnus' by Harry Gregson-Williams from The Chronicles of Narnia

There we go...yay! Thank god for movie soundtracks using people's names!
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New Profile

I decided to make my profile look more interesting. I am not quite finish and might add more later in the week. If anyone has any ideas about what else I should add, please tell me since I want to make my profile very inviting and feel like it's a place of my own. Also, It can be very hard to talk/write about yourself, so help from my friends about my personality and such would be grateful.

Also, anyone got any more ideas for little stamp thingys I could make?? :)
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Saturday Night!!

Isn't there a song called 'Saturday Night?' I kinda disco-y/techno song which says something about Saturday nights??

It's quiet in the TBL chat currently, so I'll do this quick update. It wasn't quiet earlier however, we have had me and beomech fall into the lake, a coffee-mad wolf appeared and went for me since john_pullinger sprinkled coffee beans into my coat and we have had Josh vapourise John into a red mist with a chain lightning spell for a short duration.

I have uploaded a new video, a short clip of one of the wolves at the UK Wolf centre howling, all of my friends who liks wolves should defiantly see this. The howls are beautiful.

Also, I just put a large number of my videos into a playlist...the playlist lasts 1 hour and 11 minutes! And I am going to make more little videos for youtube this forthcoming week for uploading! However they won't be anything brand new because I haven't filmed anything and won't do until September/October. So what I am making are some 'slideshow' videos so people can see some of the hundreds of photos I take too, with them organised into specific areas. I have already made one short such film for churches and catherdrals I have visited in the last 3 years.
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*Stares at profile page*

Hmmm...mine look pretty blank and texty, seeing some of my friend's profile pages with banners/photos and the such makes me want to make mine look more colourful. I may make up some 'posters' for my videos and maybe do some banners to stick into my profile for fun. Any suggestions?

I gotta hoover when I get in, and its still really hot. We wolves need a lot of water, or ice in our drinks. *pants heavily*

Haven't really got much to update on since yesterday...been typing some more of the book and I may resume doing some more later today.

Later everyone!
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Video progress

Well, seeing the number of views on my videos at YouTube.com slowly rising over the last few days and getting several comments from people (some really into wolves too). I feel I should upload some more films sometime soon. I hope to upload some unreleased footage that I have from the UK Wolf Centre, I have all the orignal 2 hours of footage and of course...less than 10 minutes of footage was actually used. So I am going to find some of the funny bits, the interesting bits and the cute bits and just cut together a video with some of the better unseen footage. Plus I want to make some more trailers/montages at somepoint. The problem I have is that everything I am doing at the moment has to be done on the laptop. I am typing the book, wanting to edit (which takes at least two hours)and my Mum isn't too pleased at what seems to be me sitting on the computer all day, even though I may be doing two or three different things, and it's not like I am just sitting playing games either.

So I've been trying to steer away from laptop and do other things from time to time, strangely I was watching a film on the TV the other day and she walked past and said, "Well, at least you aren't sitting on that computer."

All I have to do is find a balance at the moment, which is hard when I am the type of person who once he has an idea, wants it to become reality as quickly as possible.
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Burnt Dinner

Talking about hot stuff....I burnt my pizza tonight. I forgot to put the microwave timer on so it burnt in the oven!! DOH!!
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Heatwave burns on.

Nooo!!! It's too hot!!

*Is feeling the urge to find a nice icy pool to just leap into* The temperture locally here is supposed to be within a triangle of the hottest regions in the country today. Between London, Bristol and Birmingham it is expected to reach 35*C possibily today. *Pants and hunts for an ice-cream* I brought out all my summer gear now, but since I don't like to wear sandels I am not being allowed to wear shorts because it would 'make me look stupid' according to my mum and sister.

However I can say that it seems to make lots of people happy and outgoing, but honestly who really wants to be out in this?? Oh yeah, my mum, because you wants to keep her tan.

Good news, BT called us last night (much to our surprise when the phone started ringing) and told us the problem was fixed. I have internet again! And it is wednesday so I will be lurking around, looking for all possible fanart for TBL to slap into this video. Silver, do you think Kimbo and some of the other's would mind me putting some of their art in?

Right, now where is that ice cream *goes to hunt for one*.
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